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Insurance companies and corporate defendants fight hard to minimize the amounts they have to pay in claims, and if you won a large jury verdict, the defendant may appeal in hopes of getting the verdict reversed, having the jury award reduced, or simply applying additional settlement pressure. Likewise, if the carrier denied coverage, or if the jury verdict was not in your favor, you may have grounds for appeal on the issues of liability, damages, or procedural error.
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Fort Worth Injury Lawyer Help is a Zinda & Davis Site that specializes in providing legal services, information and resources to Personal Injury Victims.
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Law Offices of John David Hart
Catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death cases are by nature complex. We excel at such cases. We see them through.
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The Law Offices of Steven C. Laird, P.C.
For almost 30 years we have worked responsibly and diligently in representing Fort Worth individuals and families in personal injury cases where corporate and individual negligence has resulted in significant personal injury and wrongful death.
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Law Offices of William K Berenson
I have been practicing personal injury law and fighting for the rights of injured Texans for over 30 years. I have been certified for over 16 years by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Personal Injury Trial Law; Only 2% of attorneys in Texas are certified in this field.
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