Top Salem Injury Lawyers

Dunn & Roy Attorneys at Law
Dunn & Roy is a comprehensive litigation firm concentrating in the areas of injury litigation. We limit our practice to personal injury, and workers compensation issues.
Address : 1515 State Street Salem, OR 97301
Phone : (503) 364.8488

Brian R. Whitehead
Attorney Brian R. Whitehead has been handling personal injury cases on behalf of clients for more than 25 years. He has personally handled thousands of injury based claims and has a proven record of results.
Address : 1610 12th Street Southeast, Salem, OR 97302
Phone : (503) 798-9812

Jeffrey M. Jones, P.C.
I am an extremely experienced and aggressive trial attorney. I have dedicated my life to representing clients throughout all of Oregon. I take great pride in my abilities, and in my practice.
Address : 1840 W Nob Hill Street Southeast, Salem, OR 97302
Phone : (503) 588-2687

Feibleman & Case P.C.
Feibleman & Case attorneys are well versed in the subtleties of the law. We are experienced and innovative negotiators. We are also seasoned litigators, experienced in complex family law cases, and as knowledgeable about intricate financial matters as we are about the arcane rules of procedure and evidence.
Address : 1815 Commercial Street Southeast, Salem, OR 97302
Phone : (503) 399-9218

Dye & Clingerman
Our office handles many types of personal injury cases. In addition to handling cases involving auto accidents, we handle premises liability cases, slip and falls, accidents and injuries arising from defective products.
Address : 456 State Street Suite 200 Salem, Oregon 97301
Phone : (503) 581-5562